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Transformational Coaching for a Life Rich With Celebrations.


I’m Sophie Thomas, here to light the way and support you in achieving the extraordinary rapidly and joyfully.

My Signature Programmes:

If you want to shift from people pleasing, low self-worth, anxiety, unresolved trauma and fear of abandonment to inner calm, empowerment, total worthiness and inner freedom, safety and self-love; Absolute Harmony is here for you.

For those who have found themselves stuck, burnt out, wishing to gain clarity on their purpose, change direction or simply shoot for the highest stars with ease; Extraordinary Success will open precisely the right doors for you and turn everything you touch to gold.

Metaphysical Mastery is my most advanced programme and is for you if you’re ready to liberate your highest level of genius in every area of your life. Invitation only.

womens love and dating coach

True Love is a womens-only programme that will liberate you from the blocks, anxiety and self-sabotage that held you back. You’ll honour yourself by magnetising a partner of high integrity and receive the devotion your heart longs for.

“Sophie has massive intelligence, EQ, tenacity and passion. She also has an absolute gift for understanding the other – she gets where you are and why you feel how you do. She removes all that clouded your vision and held you back. Sophie explores who you really are and accelerates your growth into the person you want to be and were meant to become, living your best life as the best version of yourself with a clear path forwards. It’s true alchemy”

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