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You were born to rise above the crowds, achieve absolute mastery and leave your mark on the world.

You sense that all is within your reach once you fully embrace your brilliance.

You’re motivated to transmute limits and actualise your grandest vision with finesse.

You recognise that the greatest leaders accomplish the extraordinary from the inside out.

You instinctively know all the answers are within and are ready to know and empower yourself deeply so that everything you touch turns to gold…

I’m here to guide you home to inner harmony and super-charged success.

“Sophie has massive intelligence, EQ, tenacity and passion. She also has an absolute gift for understanding the other – she gets where you are and why you feel how you do. Sophie removes all that clouded your vision and held you back. She explores who you really are and accelerates your growth into the person you want to be and were meant to become, living your best life as the best version of yourself. It’s true alchemy”

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Luxury Success Coach for CEOs, HNWIs, Celebrities

Welcome. I’m Sophie Thomas, the Confidante, Transformation Mentor and Success Coach for Founders, CEOs, leaders, HNWIs and celebrities.

If you’re looking for standard coaching with standard results, I’m not for you.

If you’re looking to defy normal and achieve the extraordinary rapidly and joyfully then I’m here to light the way and support you.

CEO Coach. Success Coach

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Confidante and Mentor.Success Coach for HNWIs, CEOs

“The contracts won and the wealth accumulated since working with Sophie are phenomenal. She is truly, truly amazing and has been such a light in my life. Discovering her is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It has unlocked so much and given me my freedom”

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