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I’m Sophie Thomas, the Love Mentor, dubbed ‘The Love Guru’ by Channel 4 and as Featured By:

Thankfully there IS a formula for love.

I’m here as your Love Mentor to ensure you finally say goodbye to your romantic challenges and hello to the love life of your dreams.

Why It Works

Through my powerful, personalised, results-yielding formula; I prepare women to find their soulmate and experience profound, lasting love and partnership.

I rejuvenate women’s inner worlds so they’re free from self-sabotaging patterns, and raise them into the optimum heart, head and soul space for true love with their ideal, high-calibre man. Here’s the thing: finding your soulmate is an inside job.

The Love Empress Transformational Programme (™) is a holistic system that uncovers and recalibrates the unconscious patterns and blocks women have built against love.

The highly effective solution.

The research-based process is built on my personal transformation and years of mastering a number of fields that are proven to elevate a woman’s capacity to attract, receive and enjoy healthy love and partnership. These include self-worth, self-love, female vs. male psychology, attachment theory, feminine embodiment wisdom, high value behaviour, deep healing, super-charged manifesting, pleasure, and mindset up-levelling which I blend seamlessly to bring a unique, thorough and extremely valuable formula for finding and sustaining romantic partnership.

I simplify the complex so clients get authentic results quickly and easily.

This isn’t standard coaching – this is high-impact, transformational, embodiment work that lovingly and effectively awakens women to the most golden version of themselves – ready for the most golden version of romantic love – within weeks.

It’s time to be truly liberated with love.

No more tactics, settling, confusion, anxiety or heartache. It’s time to liberate your most authentic, whole, confident and radiant self – and claim the deep, lasting and fulfilling joy that soulmate partnership brings. You can do this! I’ve got you!

** Please note only select women are invited into the programme – I have 100% success rate and only invite in women who are the perfect fit for the programme and who demonstrate that they will be 100% committed to showing up for themselves**

Your Guide.

Bringing Women Home to Love

Love Mentor, Transformational Leader, Public Speaker and Award-winning Author.

I’m dedicated to consistently up-levelling in both my personal and professional life.

Having mentored ultra successful professionals, I’m used to providing a high-end service and discretion. I understand the nuances to overcome the challenges that successful women face in their romantic lives.

I have absolute certainty in my world-class expertise and competency. I act as your highest self’s advocate and am devoted to preparing you for the very best romantic love. The only question then, is are you as committed to solving this as I am?

I look forward to walking you home to love xx


From Authors to Lawyers; I’ve helped many women to elevate their love lives beyond where they dreamed possible…

“Thank you for helping me to open myself to being loved! I’ve met an amazing man who really loves me!”


“Sophie is a master. She’s wise and makes the very complex very simple. She has a great gift.”

Phil, Senior Pharma

“Thank you so much. I just love love love the programme – it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Feeling absolute worthiness, total release, and like I can be myself for the first time in years. Thank you so much precious angel. I am sooo grateful. You are amazing”

Louise, Dental Hygienist

“Life-changing! Sophie is a ray of pure sunshine and such a dynamic force too! The results have been clear to see. I highly recommend Sophie and know she’ll be a huge support & inspiration to you too!”

Josephine, Women’s Business Coach

“Sophie is a natural guide. A ray of light! She’s great at breaking things down, recognising underlying issues and suggesting helpful, practical techniques to shift your mindset. Knowledgeable, compassionate and understanding. I feel ‘met’ whenever I talk with her. Thank you Sophie”

Kate, Author

“Sophie has been invaluable in helping me to become the best version of myself”

Jacqui, PR Manager

“Very illuminating. I’ll definitely be much better next time I’m in a relationship. Thank you!”

Babs, Childcare Establishment Owner

“Sophie is wonderful. She inspires you to take those important life steps that have an incredible impact. You will not regret investing in your own future!”

Julie, Government Official

Wisdom shared in a kind & loving way. I am extremely grateful to Sophie for the beautiful opportunities that lay ahead”

Sara, Insurance Leadership

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Preparing to Lead my Seminar on International Women’s Day (Photo Without Participants to Respect Privacy)

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