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✔️ Cultivating so much love within, in every moment, that you feel truly alive, whole, loveable, fulfilled and unbreakably aligned with the highest vision of your life

✔️ Transforming all self doubt, self sabotage and emotional pain into majestic confidence and delicious ease through the absolute gold of Sophie’s unique, leading edge modality and the profundity of total self-love, self-approval and worthiness she will guide you to

✔️ Unlocking your true potential and expanding your purpose and legacy through the power of love harnessed in a way that you hadn’t even realised was possible

✔️ Living with the blissful and liberating felt sense and absolute knowing of your rightness, safety, magic, oneness and belonging in the Universe

✔️ Fully awakening into being the exceptional creator you were born to be – empowered to be the victor of your life experience in every way, with zero blocks, and delighted in the sheer pleasure of that level of sovereignty

✔️ Thriving with a new understanding of yourself, male psychology, dating and relationship so that you can honour yourself by finding and sustaining a healthy, authentic and fulfilling soulmate partnership

✔️ Receiving the richness of love, connection and cherishment from others (including finding your soulmate or rekindling your current relationship) that your heart longs for as they reflect back to you your newly realised nature once you’ve stepped into your true essence and worthiness…the epic love and greatness that you actually are and Sophie knows you to be

You don’t have to just imagine…this is the real paradigm Sophie shows women how to enter, embody and luxuriate in.

This is the way of The Love Empress.

“I no longer have the pain to cover up. Instead I have so much zest, sparkle & glow! I feel the love within and around. This work literally makes your soul sing”

Private Client

“I used to be so insecure & self-loathing. Now I have more confidence, self-love & power within than I thought was possible”

Private Client

The genius of The Love Empress approach is that we work cognitively, somatically, emotionally and energetically.

By harmonising with the intelligence of the body and the richness of our beingness we open up dynamic levels of healing, integration, expansion and elevation.

This isn’t standard coaching or generalised personal development – this is high-impact, transformational, embodiment work that lovingly and effectively awakens women to the most golden version of themselves – ready for the most golden version of love – within weeks.

Sophie understands the nuances and distinctions with impeccable prowess. Having devoted 22 years to finessing and embodying what it truly takes to transform into a self-loving, healed, empowered and whole Empress who knows in every cell that she’s worthy beyond words and that true love is hers in every moment; she leads her Empire in absolute sovereignty.

With Sophie as your Love Coach, you will receive the safe space and true transformation you need to create the future that your heart deeply desires.

“Men respond totally differently to me now. I have this new sense of belief in myself & know that I’m the treasure”

Private Client

Perhaps now you are wondering if it will work for you…

Sophie has the precise formula for healing and transformation, makes it a simple and profoundly beautiful journey, and will guide you with genuine love and care every step of the way. The ‘how’ is taken care of for you so you just have to be 100% committed to showing up for yourself so you can enjoy an empowered life of true love, liberation and pleasure.

“Sophie’s coaching is off-the-scale beautiful – phenomenal – she puts so much work & love into every detail. The support has been above & beyond”

Private Client

If that’s you, and you’re financially secure and ready to invest in yourself, book your complimentary clarity call with Sophie so you can say “goodbye” to being stuck, and “yes” to blossoming into the woman she knows you can be.

“It has been worth everything to make this transformation. I can’t stress that enough…it’s an absolute miracle”

Private Client

Women’s Love Coach, Celebrity Coach, Transformational Leader & Award-winning Author

Sophie is dedicated to consistently up-levelling in both her personal and professional life and has devoted 22 years to alchemise the unique mastery required to offer the portal to higher consciousness, living and love.

With absolute certainty in her world-class expertise and competency as well as in your profound ability to become the woman your heart is calling you to become; Sophie is your highest self’s advocate.

She looks forward to walking you home to true love, inside and out, and guiding you to a richness of life that only this journey can bring.

There are two ways to work with Sophie…

The Love Empress Transformational Journey is Sophie’s signature ten week intensive, yet deeply nourishing, programme. It’s crafted with love for single women who want to become the very best version of themselves by removing all their unique blocks to love, falling richly in love with themselves and feeling worthy beyond words, as well as learn a new authentic approach to dating so they receive healthy, happy love from within and from their future soulmate.

Sophie also coaches a handful of private clients who may be single or in partnership and require a more individualised coaching experience.

“A phenomenal listener. Any woman who goes to do her work with Sophie is in for a huge experience of being heard and seen. She’s extraordinary, her work is incredible & the world so needs her”

Dr. Margriet Van Nieuwburg

“I want women to know who are considering this journey: Don’t doubt for one minute how powerful this programme is, it’s worth every penny, you can not put a price on this level of transformation”

Private Client & TV Personality

“Sophie is a master. She’s wise and makes the very complex very simple. She has a great gift”

Phil, Senior Pharma

“Thank you for opening me up to being loved. I’ve met an amazing man who really loves me!”

Jo, Catering

“Thank you so much. I just love love love it – it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. Feeling absolute worthiness, total release, inner peace, and like I can be myself for the first time in years. Thank you so much precious angel. I am so grateful. You are amazing”

Louise, Dental Expert

“Life-changing! Sophie is a ray of pure sunshine and such a dynamic force too! The results have been clear to see. I highly recommend Sophie and know she’ll be a huge support & inspiration to you too!”

Josephine, Women’s Business Coach

“Sophie is a natural guide. A ray of light! She’s great at breaking things down, recognising underlying issues and suggesting helpful, practical techniques to shift your mindset. Knowledgeable, compassionate and understanding. I feel ‘met’ whenever I talk with her. Thank you Sophie”

Kate, Author

“Sophie has been invaluable in helping me to become the best version of myself”

Jacqui, PR Manager

“Very illuminating. I’ll definitely be much better next time I’m in a relationship. Thank you!”

Babs, Childcare Establishment Owner

“Sophie is wonderful. She inspires you to take those important life steps that have an incredible impact. You will not regret investing in your own future!”

Julie, Government Official

Wisdom shared in a kind & loving way. I am extremely grateful to Sophie for the beautiful opportunities that lay ahead”

Sara, Insurance Leadership

“Sophie is a legend. Her work is always beautiful, and the speed and depth of her thinking is remarkable”

Private Client

Book your complimentary clarity call with Sophie here.

“Sophie is vitamin C for the ears. She puts a smile on my face”

Podcast Host. Interview on Creating Emotional Connection, Legacy & Purpose

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