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Sophie Thomas is the Personal Confidante and Transformation Mentor for those who reign their own empires (HNWIs, CEOs/leaders, celebrities, athletes and pioneers)

Hello and a very warm welcome.

I guide my clients to inner harmony, the highest version of themselves and life, and deepened connection to what matters to them. They are liberated to maximise their giftedness, navigate change and great responsibility with confidence, clarity and certainty, be present and authentic, delight in healthier relationships, generate and enjoy more wealth, bring their values to life, preserve family cohesion across generations, fulfil their purpose and elevate their legacy.

Confidante and Mentor Coach for UHNWIs, CEOs

“Sophie has created the right fertile landscape for growth and a beautiful gift here. I feel so privileged that I’ve got to experience and receive the gift, and feel the shift. With that her patience, love and energy. It is way better than therapy, way better than coaching. Every word Sophie says is gold. Her methods work. It is really magical…it is genius”

Private Client


I offer a majestically safe harbour to be human. To feel truly heard and understood. To be real and know you’re no longer alone. To be in the presence of my compassion and unwavering belief of the magnificence within you is phenomenally elevating and valuable – to you and to those you impact.


Hyper-tailored transformational voyages that set you free to enjoy a world of new horizons. You are unique and so is your journey. Meticulous consideration is given to maximise the return on investment you make in yourself and your future.

Transformational Alchemy

I hold the powerful, proven prowess and intuitive brilliance to lead and respond to what the moment calls for, actualising your most rapid, joyful and valuable outcomes. My devotion to mindset, emotional and energetic mastery awaken you to the opulence within yet to be activated and the true span of your wings so you soar without limits.

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“Discovering Sophie is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It has unlocked so much and given me my freedom”

Private Client

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