The Abandonment Wound

What is The Abandonment Wound?

The cause of the abandonment wound is unique for each individual. Essentially it is the result of being – or feeling – abandoned. Causes can include: parental divorce or absence, early caregiver death, adoption, lack of affection or safe, reliable connection, abuse, neglect, assault, suicide of a loved one, feeling left out or not having one’s needs met in some way.

The Abandonment Wound Manifests Itself As One or More of the Following…

People pleasing – emotional eating – addiction – isolation – anxiety – fear – panic – depression – suicidal thoughts – self-loathing – disconnection – low self-worth – PTSD/CPTSD – confusion – shame – perfectionism – self-sabotage – exhaustion and burnout – poor boundaries – obsessive thoughts – survival mode – disempowerment – fear of rejection – toxic relationships – stagnation – easily triggered – feeling lost or trapped – feeling chaos or a void within – lack of confidence – overwhelm – limiting beliefs – feeling unsafe in the body and the world – living in a state of lack (lack of love, money, time, a voice, freedom etc) – codependency – imposter syndrome – regret -social anxiety – fear of doing something wrong and of punishment – hypersensitivity – poor health and sleep – feeling ‘not enough’ or that something is wrong with you.

These symptoms – which have major costs to your life – are your inner being calling for help. The effective approach is not to try to manage the symptoms but to heal the root cause and realign with the healthiest version of yourself…

When We Heal The Abandonment Wound Via The Empress Transformational Programmes…

Sense of belonging – inner peace – empowerment – authenticity – fulfilled and content – healthy relationships – absolute self-worth – calm – vitality – confidence – clarity – liberation – generational patterns replaced with ones that help you, your kin and the world thrive – feeling safe and secure – abundance of love, money, time, voice, freedom – comfortable in your own skin – better sleep and health – true and complete self-love – being seen, heard and honoured – good boundary function – excellent parental role modelling on self-love and quality of life – heightened pleasure and intimacy – playfulness – relief – elevated legacy – ‘cell-deep’ knowing of your goodness and rightness – the excitement and accomplishment of mastering this and living your best life – embodiment of your inner Empress and Goddess-Self.

Imagine the infinite lifetime value of resolving your abandonment wound! It is ineffably rich and bountiful…

The Essence of The Empress

There is an Empress, she reigns her Empire with dignity.

Exquisite, elegant & enriched; she dazzles & delights effortlessly with her appreciation of her innate goodness & rightness.

She knows in every fibre of her being that she is majestic – worthy beyond words – & celebrates herself as the miracle she truly is.

The Empress embraces the ultimate truth that she is loveable, loved & love its very self.

She has healed her wounds, turned her trauma into gold & brought all of herself into the light.

The dismantler of generational patterns, she has cultivated inner safety & births a paradise that uplifts herself & others.

The Empress is fully expressed & honours her gifts & intuition to rise to meet the grandest idea of her life.

Heart-centred, emitting love & light & of high service to the world; she creates, refines & elevates her legacy.

Everything is illuminated by her.

Self-crowned, she luxuriates in the blissful freedom to be, do & receive all that she desires.

She is powerful & strong. Gentle & graceful. With a confidence that originates far deeper than the mind.

She has come home to her authentic self – to her magnificence – & soars without limits.

Within her Empire is the temple of her body, the serenity of her heart, the wisdom, the pleasure, the ease, her purpose & promise fulfilled.

There is an Empress, she reigns her Empire with dignity.

Sophie Thomas Abandonment Wound Trauma Expert, Self-Worth Coach

Discover which of the three signature programmes of The Empress Paradigm best aligns with your desires…

The Serene Empress

The Serene Empress Transformational Programme is for women who want to focus on healing their abandonment wound trauma so they can experience inner peace and freedom, and feel safe and majestic in their bodies and in the world.

The Love Empress

The Love Empress Transformational Programme is for single women who desire to heal their abandonment wound trauma, embody total self-worth and learn a healthier approach to dating and relationships in order to magnetise and sustain soulmate partnership.

The Elite Empress

The Elite Empress tailored packages are for super successful women (e.g. VIPs, celebrities, athletes, politicians, doctors, CEOs and changemakers) who wish to deeply heal their abandonment wound trauma and rise into the highest, most worthy and blissful version of themselves so they’re liberated to make more positive impact on the world and fulfil their purpose and legacy.

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The Abandonment Wound
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