Channel 4’s Love Mentor Sophie Thomas & Louise’s Transformation

Come Home to Yourself & to Love…

Louise’s Channel 4 Story

I’m Sophie Thomas – Louise’s Love Mentor and was absolutely honoured to have guided her FROM (in her own words): ‘self-loathing’, no self-belief, fear of rejection, anxiously attaching to men, people pleasing and abusive relationships’….

TO: ‘Total confidence, release, inner peace, owning herself, feeling like treasure, and absolute worthiness’. She’s now dating high value men and fully trusts herself to choose the right man…a loving, reliable man of high integrity.

If you’d like to transform into the most golden version of yourself, ready for the most golden version of love then I have two options for you….

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***This is ONLY for financially secure women who are 100% committed***

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I’ve never looked back, it’s changed my life and I feel like a completely different woman. I wouldn’t have believed it was possible. It’s an absolute miracle”