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Confidence Coaching

Hello and a very warm welcome.

If you have had your confidence knocked – or perhaps never felt confident – you are not alone. Thankfully, there is absolutely a way to embody authentic confidence both within yourself and in how you show up in your external world.

Anxiety, fear of rejection or judgement, lack of self-worth, self-sabotage, people pleasing and feeling that you are not enough or that something is wrong with you can all be overcome with ease and joy.

Within just a matter of weeks my clients go from being debilitated with doubt to feeling completely at ease, calm, certain, capable and liberated to live their life to the max. They realise their innate rightness, enjoy healthier relationships and a sense of belonging, and become their true self at work and at play.

The Complete Confidence programme is virtual so you can be anywhere in the world and enjoy tailored one-to-one total transformation coaching.

Solid and sustainable confidence is waiting for you to come home to. Take my hand and I’ll guide you there.

“My journey with Sophie has truly transformed my life. For years I suffered with crippling anxiety and low self-worth. I now have the skills, practices and strong inner belief to move forward with joy and love in my life. It has been a gift to work with Sophie – she is so kind, sensitive and understanding. I feel eternally grateful to have done this process”

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“I now feel incredibly powerful and calm…magnificent and happy. I can’t believe I’ve gone from being so insecure to so secure, from feeling so unlovable to so lovable, from scared to all good. I’m ready to move forwards rather than stuck in the past – now optimistic, full of faith and love”

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