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Here, you matter and we get to the truth of what’s really going on so you can thrive…
Please journey through steps 1 -3 below BEFORE your clarity call.

1. Video: Please Watch the Video Below

“Men respond totally differently to me now. I have this new sense of belief in myself & know that I’m the treasure”

Private Client

2. Getting Clear on What it’s Costing You, What You Really Want, & If You’re Ready for Transformation So You Can Have What You Really Want

Part A. Checklist: What are the challenges in this area of your life really costing you?

When we know the truth we can make positive change from an informed place. Let’s get to the truth of what this is really costing you. How many of these – if you’re really honest with yourself – apply to you?

✔️ Missing out on the adventures, fun, company and inspiration that come with a wonderful partnership
✔️ Feeling unfulfilled or a void within
✔️ Feeling like a failure in this area of life
✔️ To some degree; wasting life without having your soulmate to share the joys and magical moments with
✔️ Missing out on meaningful affection, closeness and love making – perhaps waking up feeling alone or going to bed wondering if this will always be your life
✔️ Secretly feeling that you aren’t desirable on some level or that you’re not enough for an amazing man to love and stay with forever
✔️ Diminishment of your self-worth and dignity
✔️ Not feeling confident in your own skin/about all of yourself/in being able to magnetise a high value man and sustain a healthy relationship with him
✔️ Wasting time and energy on apps only to attract more of the wrong type of men
✔️ Having a niggling feeling that something is wrong with you – that love is easy for others yet you are still single
✔️ Loneliness and isolation – lacking affection and intimacy
✔️ Not becoming a mother/creating a family
✔️ Uncomfortable/painful inner world lacking true self-love and self-acceptance
✔️ Feeling hurt or envious that other people are in partnership when you see couples out holding hands or enjoying time together
✔️ Fearing being alone forever
✔️ Having to pay for life (rent/mortgage, bills, holidays etc) on your own – circa £30K+ per year more than someone who is in partnership – losing out on sharing life expenses
✔️ More financial loss through divorce/being used for money
✔️ Being taken advantage of, being used and taken for granted
✔️ More of your energy and time used up on the basics without a partner to help you with chores, food shopping, cooking, childcare, car maintenance, gardening and so on
✔️ Lack of mutual support both in terms of someone supporting your dreams and life goals, and being there for you on difficult days
✔️ Living with the fear that true lifelong love may never happen for you
✔️ Living with the fear of being in another partnership in case you get hurt again because you haven’t resolved your relational patterns
✔️ Living small because the fear has been winning or you haven’t had the right tools or expert to solve this – giving up on your dreams
✔️ Being in the ‘danger zone‘ of attracting unavailable, controlling or even abusive men – putting your life at risk
✔️ More heartbreak
✔️ People pleasing, trying to prove yourself worthy or win love
✔️ Not resolving your inner child wounds/trauma/misaligned programming and therefore sabotaging yourself – possibly in every area of life/not becoming the best version of yourself
✔️ Feeling exhausted from giving all your power away
✔️ Being held back by the belief that there are no good men left
✔️ Feeling unseen and unappreciated
✔️ Being a poor role model to your children on love, self-worth and relationship
✔️ Risking your career by obsessing over men, lack of focus or anxiety issues from a turbulent love life
✔️ Feeling traumatised, controlled, psychologically affected by men/dating/relationship
✔️ Fear of rejection or abandonment
✔️ Feeling inferior to, or jealous of others
✔️ Living from a place of lack instead of abundance
✔️ Feeling stuck
✔️ Being triggering easily
✔️ Having your worth and mood be dictated by men
✔️ The toll it takes on your health and wellbeing
✔️ Being out of control of your love life – men being in the driver seat and not choosing or cherishing you
✔️ Getting to the end of your life and regretting that you didn’t overcome this – living your precious life without become your highest self, living the highest version of your life and life purpose, and having life-long soulmate partnership

The truth is that there’s a HUGE cost to not fixing this, isn’t there?!
This is a big thing! This is no way to spend your precious life, precious woman!

BUT here’s what you need to understand: these are not signs that there is something wrong with you or that you’re doomed forever or should give up!

They are all simply signals that you need expert help to resolve some inner programming that won’t resolve on its own.
These are all 100% solvable with the right help. Yes!

Part B: What Are the Amazing Outcomes You’d Like From The Programme & Your Transformation? Hint: Many Will be the Opposite of the Above!

Part C: Are You Truly Committed to Showing Up for Yourself, Resolving This and Investing in Yourself? Are You Willing to Commit to Yourself and This Nourishing Journey Even if it Means Being Resourceful? Or Are You Only Conditionally Committed to Yourself? Are You Ready to ‘Own Your Mirror’ and Take Full Responsibility for Your Life & Do the Inner Work Required?

*Please note that by participating in your clarity call – by the very nature of it – you are agreeing to explore the truth of what is going on for you. Sophie’s intention is to hold a safe space for you and to offer you compassion. You are responsible for your own wellbeing and how much you share. The complimentary clarity call is designed to offer clarity, it is not a healing session.

“It has been worth everything to make this transformation. I can’t stress that enough…it’s an absolute miracle”

Private Client

3. Case Studies

Stacy hadn’t experienced love in 13 years & lived constricted by fear & doubt. We cleared her trauma & anxiety & she found a beautifully profound, loving relationship that made her flourish.

Anne had a huge fear of rejection, would get very anxious about being abandoned by men & gave her power away by people pleasing which resulted in abusive relationships. Through the Love Empress Transformational Programme; she moved from being insecure & self-loathing to total self-love & self-worth & attracting men of high integrity who took care of her.

woman wearing eyeglasses

Kirsty had had two failed marriages with controlling men and was terrified of having another relationship. Within just weeks of our work together she had completely rejuvenated her love programming & met an amazing man & fallen in love.

*Names changed to keep clients anonymous

“I want women to know who are considering this journey: don’t doubt for one minute how powerful this programme is, it’s worth every penny, you can not put a price on this level of transformation”

Private Client & TV Personality

“A phenomenal listener. Any woman who goes to do her work with Sophie is in for a huge experience of being heard and seen. She’s extraordinary, her work is incredible and the world so needs her”

Dr. Margriet Van Nieuwburg

If you have any queries that you’d like to address before your clarity call please email:

We look forward to leading you to the heart of healthy, happy love.
Sophie and The Love Empress Team xx