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Covid. War. Inflation. The world is rife with fear and uncertainty.

Your staff are operating from a place of fear. Fear, by nature, is constriction and limitation.

That means limited thinking, limited problem solving and limited revenue generation.

Businesses are focused on up-levelling tech. Yet those who will flourish are those who focus on up-levelling on their people too.

Welcome to The Elevation & Expansion Journey Transformation Day…

“It’s life changing and miraculous. From feelings of helplessness to renewed, reset & so much healthier”

Private Client & TV Personality

Elevate Your Team From Survival Mode into Thriving Mode…

  • Shift from leading from inner fear, lack and chaos into leading with inner safety, abundance, clarity and creativity
  • Replace anxiety and stress with calmness and boundless capability
  • Alchemise depression and stagnation into contentment and productivity
  • Switch burnout and overwhelm into vitality and flow
  • Up-level disempowerment, shame and lostness into confidence, dignity and purpose
  • Say goodbye to self-sabotage and imposter syndrome and hello to authenticity and accomplishment with ease
  • Leave behind poor sleep and illness and step into wellbeing, better sleep and focus
  • Change unhealthy relationships and isolation into healthy collaboration and a sense of belonging

“Sophie is a master. She’s wise & makes the very complex, very simple. She has a great gift”

Private Client – Senior Pharma

The ingenuity of this leading-edge approach is that we work cognitively, somatically, emotionally and energetically which means you and your staff receive the best and absolute solution.

It’s powerful and unique, and goes far beyond outdated mainstream modalities.

The format for The Elevation and Expansion Journey Transformation Day is typically a group session hosted within your premises, though external locations can be sourced if preferable.

Whilst it’s active participation, no one will be requested to share so it’s a 100% safe and comfortable space.

Suitable for all genders, and all levels of seniority.

“It didn’t feel like work. It was an utter joy. I’ve released years of pain & become my authentic, secure self. I have peace of mind which is priceless.”

Private Client

“The contracts won & money earned since finding my inner safety with Sophie’s methods are phenomenal”

Medical Consultant

“Sophie has been invaluable in helping me to become the best version of myself”

PR Leadership

Sophie Thomas Abandonment Wound Trauma Expert, Self-Worth Coach

The Transformational Leader for Our Times

Sophie is dedicated to consistently up-levelling in both her personal and professional life and has devoted 23 years to alchemising the unique mastery required to truly guide people home to their innate magnificence, worthiness, wholeness, authenticity and inner safety.

She looks forward to unleashing your team’s capacity for greatness and their richness of life that only this journey can bring. Your staff as individuals will thrive – and therefore the value they bring you will flourish too.

For a complimentary exploratory chat or to book your Elevation and Expansion Transformation Journey Day simply email:

“It has been worth everything to make this transformation. I can’t stress that enough…it’s an absolute miracle”

Private Client

“Sophie is a legend. Her work is always beautiful, and the speed and depth of her thinking is remarkable”

Private Client

“A phenomenal listener. She’s extraordinary, her work is incredible & the world so needs her”

Dr. Margriet Van Nieuwburg

“Don’t doubt for one minute how powerful this programme is, it’s worth every penny, you can not put a price on this level of transformation”

Private Client & TV Personality

“Sophie’s insights are clear and on point. She inspires you to reevaluate the relationship with yourself & how you can live a more joyful & fulfilling life. Knowledgeable & funny, Sophie has what it takes to go straight to the audiences’ hearts”

Teodora – BBC Producer

Love Expert Coach

“Sophie is vitamin C for the ears & brain. She puts a smile on my face”

Podcast Host. Interview on Creating Emotional Connection, Legacy & Purpose

“My journey with Sophie has truly transformed my life. For years I suffered with crippling anxiety & low self-worth. I now have the skills, practices & strong inner belief to move forward with joy & love in my life. It has been a gift to work with Sophie – she is so kind, sensitive & understanding, & I feel eternally grateful to have done this process”

Marketing Director

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