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Covid. War. Inflation. Behind the facade, people are operating from uncertainty.

Businesses are focused on up-levelling tech. Yet those who will flourish are those who focus on up-levelling on their people too.

Welcome to The Elevation & ExpansionTransformational Solutions…

Sophie’s high-impact transformational coaching solutions are the precise alchemy that will unlock capacity now, as well as future-proof your business.

Elevate Your Team From Survival Mode into Thriving Mode…

✔️ Shift from leading from inner fear, lack and chaos into leading with inner safety, abundance, clarity and creativity

✔️ Replace anxiety and stress with calmness and boundless capability

✔️ Alchemise depression and stagnation into contentment and productivity

✔️ Switch burnout and overwhelm into vitality and flow

✔️ Up-level disempowerment and lostness into confidence, dignity and purpose

✔️ Say goodbye to self-sabotage and imposter syndrome and hello to authenticity and accomplishment with ease

✔️ Leave behind poor sleep and illness and step into wellbeing, better sleep and focus

✔️ Change unhealthy relationships and isolation into healthy collaboration and a sense of belonging

✔️ One-to-one or group sessions

✔️ Face-to-face sessions hosted on your premises/an external location, or virtual so independent of location

✔️ A one-off intensive day or bespoke ongoing solutions

✔️ C-level/leadership and/or all staff

Whilst it’s active participation, no one will be requested to share in a group format so it’s a 100% safe and comfortable space.

Suitable for all genders, and all levels of seniority.

✔️ Be known as a progressive company that cares about staff. Increase retention and build your status as a business that top top new talent will want to join

✔️ Decrease staff absenteeism as staff wellbeing rises

✔️ Increase motivation, innovation, resilience and productivity

✔️ Uplevel staff confidence whether that’s for public speaking, pitching or production

✔️ Enhance leadership so it’s congruent to accomplishing and exceeding business vision, goals and KPIs

✔️ Have a well-balanced and thriving workforce therefore elevating your legacy as you contribute to a happier world in general

The Transformational Leader of Our Time

Sophie’s solutions are designed from thousands of hours – over 23 years – of research, dedication, creation and practice.

Sophie provides a safe space which is conducive to elevation and expansion. She holds her clients with compassion for where they are whilst being the advocate for the best version of them so they have the reassurance and skills to step into that highest version of themselves.

All of Sophie’s sessions are transformational rather than informational – there’s a big difference!

It’s a powerful, unique and complete solution. Sophie genuinely knows of no other solution in the world that is so effective so quickly and enjoyably. This is a leading-edge approach yet is completely natural and comfortable.

She looks forward to liberating your team’s capacity for greatness and the richness of life that only this journey can bring. Your staff as individuals will thrive – and therefore the value they bring to you as a business will flourish too.

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