Female Life Coach. Empower Self-Worth & Thrive After Trauma

Female Life Coach. Self-Worth, Trauma
Trauma and Self-Worth Womens Coach

Hello and a very warm welcome.

If you’re desiring to make rapid and joyful changes to your life then I’m here to light the way and support you.

My world-class expertise centres around:

* Deepening the connection with Self and life to actualise true, meaningful fulfilment

* A leading-edge approach to cultivating inner love, approval, confidence and safety

* Healing emotional wounds and thriving after trauma

* Realising, at the deepest levels, our innate goodness and rightness

* Becoming the powerful creator of our own reality

* Healthy relationships and belonging

* Expanding, refining and elevating vision and legacy that lasts beyond our lifetime

womens life coach self worth and trauma

“Sophie has created the right fertile landscape for growth and a beautiful gift here. I feel so privileged that I’ve got to experience and receive the gift, and feel the shift. With that her patience, love and energy. It is way better than therapy, way better than coaching. Every word Sophie says is gold. Her methods work. It is really magical…it is genius”

Private Client


I offer a majestically safe harbour to be human. To feel truly heard and understood. To be real and know you’re no longer alone. To be in the presence of my compassion and unwavering belief of the magnificence within you is phenomenally elevating and valuable – to you and to those you impact.


Hyper-tailored transformational voyages that set you free to enjoy a world of new horizons. You are unique and so is your journey. Meticulous consideration is given to maximise the return on investment you make in yourself and your future.

Transformational Alchemy

I hold the powerful, proven prowess and intuitive brilliance to lead and respond to what the moment calls for, actualising your most rapid, joyful and valuable outcomes. My devotion to mindset, emotional and energetic mastery eliminate any blocks and awaken you to the opulence within yet to be activated and the true span of your wings so you soar without limits.

female life coach trauma self worth

“A deep, deep, deep heartfelt thank you. Having been in survival mode most of my life I now feel incredibly powerful and calm…magnificent and happy. I can’t believe I’ve gone from being so insecure to so secure, from feeling so unlovable to so lovable, from scared to all good. I’m ready to move forwards rather than stuck in the stories of the past decades – now optimistic, full of faith and love”

Private Client

female life coach self worth trauma

I work on an invite-only basis and work with clients who are respectful and have a genuine desire to become the best version of themselves.

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I value discretion. Forms are only visible to me.

Womens life coach, self-woith and trauma

“Thank you for your emotional intelligence, intelligent insights, intuition and unconditional love throughout. I feel like I can climb mountains now! Anyone who works with you is truly blessed. You are a true pioneer”

Private Client
life coach for women to raise self worth self love and thrive after trauma
Womens Life Coach

“Sophie has massive intelligence, EQ, tenacity and passion. She also has an absolute gift for understanding the other – she gets where you are and why you feel how you do. Sophie removes all that clouded your vision and held you back. She explores who you really are and accelerates your growth into the person you want to be and were meant to become, living your best life as the best version of yourself. It’s true alchemy”

Private Client

“Sophie’s coaching is off-the-scale beautiful – phenomenal – she puts so much work and love into every detail. The support has been above and beyond”

Private Client

“My journey with Sophie has truly transformed my life. For years I suffered with crippling anxiety and low self-worth. I now have the skills, practices and strong inner belief to move forward with joy and love in my life. It has been a gift to work with Sophie – she is so kind, sensitive and understanding. I feel eternally grateful to have done this process”

Private Client

“The contracts won and the wealth accumulated since working with Sophie are phenomenal. She is truly, truly amazing and has been such a light in my life. Discovering her is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It has unlocked so much and given me my freedom”

Private Client

“From day one I felt enormous love and support from Sophie. She totally got me. My adolescent years had affected the way I related to myself and others. It wasn’t until I worked with Sophie that I really got a handle on this and the tools I needed to work through this in a very safe and supportive space. The outcome is a healthier, happier me. Additional outcomes from the transformation include my friends saying I look more youthful, putting a higher value on my time/work, and meeting the partner of my dreams. It really works”

Private Client

“A phenomenal listener. Anyone who goes to do their work with Sophie is in for a huge experience of being heard and seen. She’s extraordinary, her work is incredible and the world so needs her”

Dr Margriet Van Neiuwenburg

“Sophie helped me to fall in love with me. I never thought I would feel this way, or ever authentically write these words, but here I am now living proof that it is possible to truly love yourself. My weekly calls with Sophie also helped me to be authentic, have healthier relationships and listen to my feelings – giving them the unconditional love they need. Another wonder has been truly getting back in touch with my body. It is the most joyous, empowering feeling. I now know that I am enough. That I ‘have me’ and that I will always ‘have me’. That I love me and that I will always love me”

Private Client

“Life-changing! Sophie is a ray of pure sunshine and such a dynamic force. The results have been clear to see. Working with her has helped me in business and my personal life. I highly recommend Sophie and know she’ll be a huge support and inspiration to you too”

Private Client

“Sophie is wonderful. She inspires you to take those important life steps that have an incredible impact. You will not regret investing in your own future!”

Private Client

“Wisdom shared in a kind and loving way. I am extremely grateful to Sophie for the beautiful opportunities that lay ahead”

Private Client

“Sophie has been invaluable in helping me to become the best version of myself”
Private Client

“Sophie is a natural guide. She’s great at breaking things down, recognising underlying issues and suggesting helpful practical techniques to shift your mindset or focus point. Knowledgeable, compassionate and understanding. I feel ‘met’ whenever I talk with her. Thank you Sophie”

Private Client

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