Sophie Thomas is the trusted intel source to global magazines, national newspapers, TV, radio, podcasts and other publications as well as being an accomplished public speaker and award-winning author.

Sophie was dubbed “The Love Guru” by Channel 4. She has been interviewed on BBC radio multiple times – including by Eddie Nestor MBE – on relational trauma, self-worth and love/healthy relationships.

She has also been consulted by a multitude of brands – including major global brands – to advise and strategise.

Her core expertise centres around:
* The abandonment wound
* Self-worth and empowerment
* The leading-edge approach to trauma resolution and finding inner safety
* Trauma as a conduit for awakening to our magnificence and divinity
* Healthy relationships and connection
* Humanity’s capacity for greatness
* Elevating our legacy to make a positive impact on the world
* Returning to the intelligence of the body
* Embodying love

“Insightful, engaging & thought-provoking. Sophie packs a punch”

Global Marketing Director – Legoland

Love Expert Coach

“There’s a reason why Sophie is called The Love Guru. Her insights are clear and on point. She inspires you to reevaluate the relationship with yourself & how you can live a more joyful & fulfilling life. Knowledgeable & funny, Sophie has what it takes to go straight to the audiences’ hearts”

Teodora – BBC Producer

“We could not be more grateful to Sophie for delivering such an authentic, genuine, impressive, accomplished talk. She has extraordinary energy, positivity and passion which absolutely shone through and her message was both powerful and uplifting. It really was an outstanding talk and really touched people.”

TED Talk Host

“Sophie is vitamin C for the ears & brain. She puts a smile on my face”

Podcast Host

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