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Love Mentor & Transformational Leader

Welcome. I’m Sophie Thomas and I’m the Love Mentor successful women seek when they want the most efficient, authentic and joyful approach to finding true love.

I used to feel like I had to prove myself to be loved. I was imprisoned by limiting beliefs and old pain that were lurking beneath my awareness causing me to self-sabotage my love life. I secretly feared that I wasn’t enough and would be alone forever when my deepest heart’s desire was to be loved unconditionally.

I was successful, attractive, adventurous and kind. Yet healthy, happy love alluded me.


I made it my life’s work to discover the unknown keys that unlock true love with high-calibre men and now I share them with successful women across the world. Women who want to step up to the next level of joy, life and love.

I BECAME the woman I was always meant to be. The one who knows on every level that she is enough, that she is treasure, that love is hers.

My unique, comprehensive, research-based formula for love realigns the mind, emotions, body and intuition ready for conscious partnership. I also guide women on the nuances of the high-value man and how to communicate with him so he steps up and commits.

Over the years my work has touched over 10,000 people which is why I’m a trusted knowledge source to international publications and no stranger to the stage. 

I do this work because I deeply understand the nuances, and because a woman’s journey back home to herself and to healthy love is the most important, profound and liberating journey she can take. To be the lighthouse calling others home to their magnificence is an honour.

I look forward to walking you home to love x

“Sophie is wonderful. She inspires you to take those important life steps that have an incredible impact”

— Julie

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