The Love Empress Transformational Programme

My signature programme is a deeply transformative 10 week programme. It’s an online immersive experience with weekly phone coaching so can be done from anywhere in the world.

It’s for women who are ‘ready to be ready’ to meet their soulmate and experience profound, lasting love and partnership.

As a wise woman; you know that you must nurture the foundation for love within before you can achieve true love with a high-calibre man.

You must come home to yourself first.

The Love Empress Transformative Programme is the most thorough, effective and nourishing system in the world. It took 20 years to research, create and refine so that women can be guided through the transformation in just 70 days.

It’s a rich and beautiful journey that covers many areas however the four key pillars are…

1. Blindspot Alchemy

Through life you’ve built up beliefs, blocks and behaviours that aren’t serving you – they’re keeping you stuck in patterns, and apart from deep love. I use my unique research-based techniques to locate and gently release all your blocks and to turnaround your beliefs so that you’re liberated to receive the love you long for (and unavailable for toxic relationships). It’s like removing an ‘Invisible Glass Screen’ so that you can finally reach the place that your heart is calling you to. I use a bespoke blend of emotional intelligence, cognitive up-levelling, somatics and self-compassion to remove your blocks.

2. Embody Self-Love & Self-Worth

I’ll guide you to deeply love and value your whole self (yes, it absolutely is possible, and yes, you absolutely can!) You’ll enjoy your emotions instead of feel overwhelmed by them, you’ll no longer people please, push love away, or feel anxious about being abandoned. Instead you’ll feel whole, safe, peaceful and worthy. This is what it means to come home to yourself – to not only feel enough but to feel glorious! When you embody this level of love, self-acceptance and confidence; you’ll glow with radiance and you will naturally attract high-calibre men who will be captivated by you.

3. Ignite Your Feminine Essence

I move you from the wounded feminine and from being in your masculine (efforting) energy to embodying the awakened feminine – alive in her sensuality and pleasure. You’ll know on every level that you are treasure to be treasured by the masculine, how to live from your heart so that a man feels (and stays) magnetised to you, and how to have your needs met without nagging, or being controlling or needy. We’ll liberate your feminine authenticity so you can enjoy a heart-centred partnership that you feel safe, honoured and taken care of in. This moves you from a dispensable woman to the Empress who your future soulmate will find irresistible forever, place before any other, and step up for every day.

4. The Love Empress Code

The Code is a like a sacred manual that shares wisdom we just weren’t given before. You’ll learn the psychology and language of the high-value masculine, how to magnetise him and inspire him to commit to you forever.  You’ll receive the techniques and nuances to create deep bonding with the healthy masculine – a bond that feels natural, respectful and fulfilling. I guarantee you’ll say something to the effect of “I wish I’d known this 20 years ago!”.

“Thank you for helping me to open myself to being loved! I’ve met an amazing man who really loves me!”

– Jo

“Wisdom shared in a kind & loving way. I am extremely grateful to Sophie for the beautiful opportunities that lay ahead”

— Sara

“A natural guide – Sophie is great at breaking things down. Knowledgeable, compassionate & understanding. I feel ‘met’ whenever I talk to her”

— Kate

In summary, the programme works. And it will work for you.

I will guide you to become the most golden version of yourself, ready for the most golden version of love. You may enter the programme weary and doubting yourself, but you will definitely glide out of the programme as an Empress – rejuvenated, radiant and ready for the greatest chapter of your life.

I believe in you, I’ve got you.
Sophie x

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