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Hello and welcome.

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably come to realise that trauma, low self-worth and unhealthy relationship patterns can’t be bypassed – that they will keep manifesting in various ways until they have been resolved.

You may have – like many of my clients – found that traditional therapy has not helped you because whilst it can give some clarity, talking therapy does not (in my personal opinion) release trauma because trauma is predominantly an unprocessed energetic charge in the nervous system.

You may also be feeling like nothing will ever work if you’ve devoured mainstream personal development, positive thinking and other cerebral-based modalities and materials yet you’re still stuck.

If none of the above have worked for you then you’re not alone and it’s not game-over!

So what is the solution when you long to be liberated from painful patterns and feel whole, worthy and wonderful?!

Whilst a summary can not even begin to convey how powerful my programmes are, here is an overview to give you a flavour of what my approach is and what it is not, who it is for and who it is not for…

What It Is

✔️ A ‘whole system’ approach that effectively yet nourishingly works on all levels of our beings: body, emotions, energy and mind. From my experience, any modality that does not nurture all of these misses the mark

✔️ A unique solution designed from 1000s of hours of dedication, research, creation and practice by someone (me!) who has has overcome her own abandonment wounds, CPTSD, low self-worth and unhealthy relationship patterns and who has led many other women to do the same. I know the nuances and distinctions of this journey with precision. My knowledge and wisdom are hard-won, I have poured – and continue to pour – my heart and soul into this work. I have earned my place as a Leader. There is also an intuitive element to my approach

✔️ A safe and loving space which is conducive to healing and thriving. I hold you with compassion for where you are when you come to me whilst being the advocate for the healed, healthiest, happiest and highest version of you

✔️ A ‘Bottom-Up’ approach. ‘Top Down’ refers to methods that are mind-based such as affirmations and positive thinking. These are extremely limited in efficacy as well as longevity. ‘Bottom-Up’ on the other hand is working much deeper within. Just one example of how I use this approach is by giving my clients the felt sense/felt experience of their innate worthiness which provides the whole system of this truth on all levels

✔️ It is transformational rather than informational – there’s a big difference! People are much more self-aware these days and they understand things in their mind but they don’t actually embody the elevation. My clients do make the actual transformation

✔️ A leading-edge approach yet a completely natural path. I show my clients how to process and release what they have been avoiding (because, like me, they were previously abandoning themselves, stuck in the ‘story’, and unaware of how to process and release) largely via the innate wisdom of the body. I guide them to truly be their own source of love, approval and safety, live as love instead of fear, hold all parts of themselves with unconditional love, reintegrate rejected and fearful parts of themselves, turn around their limiting beliefs, step into their power, be their authentic selves, value themselves, be open to receive a life they love and much, much more. It creates phenomenal results and is genius yet so obvious, natural and comfortable once you know how. It is a new way of being. Perhaps, even, a way of being we once knew naturally thousands of years ago. It’s a return to our bodies, to love, to our innate wisdom and magnificence. It’s a return home

✔️ A complete solution. I genuinely know of no other solution in the world that goes so deep and so vast or that gives excellent results so quickly and enjoyably. My intention is to offer what was not available for me via mainstream methods – to save women the years of suffering I endured – so that they may thrive within just a matter of weeks (and they do!)

What It Is Not

X Therapy or counselling

X Standard coaching with standard results. I have consciously chosen not to be affiliated with a coaching association because I know there is so much more possible. It is not that I am ‘less than’ or a woman who has chosen to try out coaching because it’s ‘hip’. I am an advanced, pioneering Transformational Leader who has proven that my methodologies work over and over both from my own journey and from guiding others. I am leading a new way, am deeply trusted and have earned that trust

X A sales machine. My life purpose is to guide women home to their magnificence and to contribute to creating paradise on Earth. I am ethical and transparent. If a potential client approaches me who I do not feel is the right fit for the programme I lovingly direct them elsewhere. I am clear on who I can and can not help.

X ‘Hands-on healing’. I guide women to heal themselves, my programmes are deeply healing, yet I do not consider myself a ‘Healer’. My one-to-one phone transformational coaching packages include comprehensive online programmes, one-to-one coaching calls and support between sessions. I do not generally meet with my clients face-to-face

Who This Is Designed For

✔️ Women who are committed to their own growth, who show up for themselves, and who are open and willing to learn a new way of being

✔️ Women who are an anxious attachment, secure attachment, or anxious-avoidant attachment style

✔️ Women who are respectful and contribute to the safe space I provide

Who This Is Not Designed For

X Men (however my corporate group solutions are for all genders)

X Those who are an avoidant attachment style

X Those who have any psychological conditions (for example schizophrenia, bi-polar or NPD)

X Those who are looking for something cheap! I know the incredible value that my programmes offer, I know my own value and demonstrate that for other women to follow. It is an investment from me to invest in you and to give you the high levels of energy, thought, support and guidance for 12/16 weeks (and of course all the work that has gone into preparing this prior to you joining too). You have to invest in yourself too if you want the results

I hope this has helped you to feel into whether we might be aligned and look forward to welcoming you into the programme if we’re the right fit for one another.

With love
Sophie xx

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