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Sophie Thomas is the global expert in guiding women to heal their abandonment wounds and claim their absolute worthiness so they can rise into inner bliss and healthier relationships whilst elevating their legacy.

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Sophie’s one-to-one coaching packages are in the £multiple thousands so she has made her complete online programmes available at a much smaller cost so that this important transformation is accessible to those on a smaller budget too. These can be purchased online and started right away.

Discover which of the online programmes of The Empress Paradigm best aligns with your desires…

The Serene Empress

The Serene Empress Transformational Programme is for women who want to focus on healing their abandonment wound trauma so they can experience inner peace and freedom, and feel safe and majestic in their bodies and in the world.

The Love Empress

The Love Empress Transformational Programme is for single women who desire to heal their abandonment wound trauma, embody total self-worth and learn a healthier approach to dating and relationships in order to magnetise and sustain soulmate partnership. The Love Empress includes the content from Serene Empress.

For those with a larger budget (investment fees between £7,000 and £250,000) explore Sophie’s full packages. These include online transformational programmes plus one-to-one coaching with Sophie and dedicated support.

Sophie’s luxury one-to-one private coaching packages include The Love Empress, The Serene Empress (investment fees from £7K) plus The Elite Empress which is for super-successful women (e.g. VIPs, celebrities, athletes, royalty, politicians, doctors, CEOs and changemakers) who wish to deeply heal their abandonment wound trauma and rise into the highest, most worthy and blissful version of themselves so they’re liberated to make more positive impact on the world and fulfil their purpose and legacy. Investment fees for The Elite Empress are from £25K.

Sophie Thomas is the trusted intel source to global magazines, national newspapers, TV, radio, podcasts and other publications as well as being an accomplished public speaker and award-winning author. 

For further details on media, speaking and brand alignment opportunities with Sophie please visit the Media area.

“Sophie is a true pioneer. As a Psychology Lecturer I know all about the mind & therapy. The answers aren’t there. Sophie’s empowering programme goes much deeper & truly showed me how to heal childhood trauma, fall in love with myself inside & out, & live joyfully & authentically. I wish every woman in the world could know what I now know: I am enough”

Private Client & Psychology Lecturer

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