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Coaching You Home to True Love

Hello and a very warm welcome.

Perhaps you’re here because…

You’re an amazing, intelligent, loving woman who’s heart longs for healthy, happy soulmate partnership…

Deep down you know your self-worth, confidence and perception of your lovability were knocked…

You feel stuck because you don’t believe it’s going to happen for you, yet are secretly frightened you’ll always be alone and miss out…

You’re tired of feeling the void within, painful patterns of rejection, anxiety, or unavailable men, and your relationships always ending the same way…the wrong way…

You’re not alone…but there is another way…

My 12 week one-to-one total transformation programme will liberate you from the blocks, anxiety and self-sabotage that held you back. You’ll transform all self-doubt into majestic confidence, self-love and worthiness. The True Love programme is virtual so you can be anywhere in the world and enjoy coaching tailored to support your unique requirements.

You will feel truly alive, whole, loveable, empowered, fulfilled and unbreakably aligned with the highest vision of your life – thriving with a new understanding of yourself, men, dating and relationships so that you can honour yourself by magnetising partners of high integrity.

Ultimately you will receive and bask in the richness of love, connection and devotion that your heart longs for.

True love is waiting for you to come home to. Take my hand and I’ll guide you there.

I felt lost and fed up of the same hurtful patterns repeating themselves. When I first found Sophie, I was hopeful she could help and also not sure I believed it would work. I’m so glad I gave it a chance and found Sophie and the programme to be incredibly supportive, healing and transformative. I’ve recently begun to date again and am doing this in a much more conscious way and have been amazed at how differently I feel and am behaving. Sophie’s wise, kind and thoughtful approach has been such an important part of my journey. Thank you. A happy client!

Private Client
Trauma Coach

“From day one I felt enormous love and support from Sophie. She totally got me. My adolescent years had affected the way I related to myself and others. It wasn’t until I worked with Sophie that I really got a handle on this and the tools I needed to work through this in a very safe and supportive space. The outcome is a healthier, happier me. I felt confident that the right love and relationship would come to me and it did. I am now in a solid relationship with the partner of my dreams. It really works”

Private Client

“A deep, deep, deep heartfelt thank you. Having been in survival mode most of my life I now feel incredibly powerful and calm…magnificent and happy. I can’t believe I’ve gone from being so insecure to so secure, from feeling so unlovable to so lovable, from scared to all good. I’m ready to move forwards rather than stuck in the stories of the past decades – now optimistic, full of faith and love”

Private Client

“I wish every woman in the world could know what I now know; that I am enough”

Private Client

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